Last updated: 29/07/2020

The “fund” described in this website is not subject to the same regulatory requirements as traditional investment vehicles as it uses unregulated means/mediums/structures/technologies to conduct activity. Although, there are substantial risks in investing in a fund. Persons interested in investing in any fund should carefully note the following:

- A fund represents a speculative investment and involves a high degree of risk. An investor could lose all or a substantial portion of his/her investment. Investors must have the financial ability, sophistication/experience and willingness to bear the risks of an investment in a fund.
- An investment in a fund should be discretionary capital set aside strictly for speculative purposes.
- An investment in a fund is not suitable or desirable for all investors. Only certain persons meeting certain additional eligibility criteria may invest in a fund.
- A fund may employ leverage and other investment techniques, and such leverage and other investment techniques may result in increased volatility of the fund’s performance and increased risk of loss.
- A fund may trade in a single asset class or an assortment of asset classes to form a “portfolio” of assets. Some assets may increase the risk of loss of the fund.
- Fund investments are illiquid and there are generally significant restrictions on transferring interests in a fund.
- There will likely be no secondary market for the interests of a fund.
- A fund may have limited or no operating history.
- The investment manager of a fund may have certain discretionary authority over the fund’s assets.
- A fund may invest in a limited number of securities or instruments, which could result in a limited degree of diversification and higher risk.
- A fund generally involves a complex tax structure, which should be reviewed carefully.
- The management fees of a fund’s investment manager may be substantial regardless of whether the fund has a positive return, and will offset the fund’s profits.
- There are likely to be a number of conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest in connection with an investment manager’s management of fund assets.

The above summary is not a complete list of the risks and other important disclosures involved in investing in funds. Before making any investment in a fund, investors are advised to thoroughly and carefully review offerings with their financial, legal and tax advisors to determine whether an investment is suitable, and permitted in their respective jurisdiction.